What we Do:

We provide training, equipment, and publicity for UCONN students to express themselves with film. Check out our shows lineup for your viewing pleasure. Welcome to UCTV, UCONN’s only television station. Completely run by students, we strive to be the main source for campus and local sports news and current events, in addition to providing a wide range of television shows for entertainment. As a student-run station, UCTV provides training and experience for anyone interested in writing, editing, and producing their own shows or working on other content. Currently our content can be viewed on Channel 14 of the "Huskyvision" cable package at the University of Connecticut, on this website, or on our YouTube channel! Feel free to come visit us at any time in room 409 of the Student Union! We'd love to meet you!

Who We Are:

General Manager

Hamsa Ganapathi

Operations Manager

Kyle Hastings

Finance Manager

Stephen Porcello

Production Manager

Hunter Young

Human Relations Director

Ben Buczek

Sports Director

Anthony DiBernardo

Marketing Director

Bianca D’Agostino

Advertising Director

Matthew Bilmes

News Director

Gracie Enright

UCSpan Director

Connor Mitchel

Entertainment Director

Michelle DelMazio

Web Developer

Shemona Singh

News + Sports Assistant

Hector Molina

Asst. General Manager

Alexis Alvarez

News Assistant

Chloe Vincente

Asst. Productions Manager

Pat Purcell